2020 FIRST Regional Symposium Europe (Málaga, JAN 28-31 2020)

Live a charming "Malaga Night Experience" with CCN-CERT and Ingenia

CCN-CERT and Ingenia invite all the attendees to the 2020 FIRST Regional Symposium Europe to live an interesting cultural, gastronomic and social experience on Thursday 30th evening.

You have an appointment on January 30th at 19:00!

2020 FIRST Regional Symposium Europe (Málaga, JAN 28-31 2020)
2020 FIRST Regional Symposium Europe (Málaga, JAN 28-31 2020)

Sign up for the guided tour of the city and/or an interesting networking dinner.

Guided visit 
Enjoy the cultural offer and the beauty of the streets and corners in Málaga city center. Immerse yourself into the history of one of the oldest cities in Europe with influences from the Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims, among others.
This walking tour, which lasts one and a half hour, will discover you the most emblematic monuments of the city such the Alcazaba, an old Muslim Palace, the Roman Theatre, and the Cathedral, as known as “the one-armed”. You will enjoy the 19th century domestic architecture, specially the elegant Larios Street.
Be our guest and amaze yourself with the people, the weather, the gastronomy and the lovely atmosphere of Málaga city.

Networking Dinner
Cooking is an art, it is an increasingly notable fact in our days, not only because of the way of presenting the dishes but also because of blindly believing in recognizing the work of Malaga producers and putting it in value. La Terraza de la Aduana is the perfect place to have a dinner with the most formidable views of the Alcazaba. It’s located at the roof of a magnificient 18th century building.



Guided Visit
You will join one of the groups to visit the historic town of Málaga. Don’t forget to mark your language preference (english or spanish) in the form below.


Networking Dinner
Modernity and tradition  together to enjoy a nice cocktail dinner at  “La Terraza de la Aduana” Restaurant.


2020 FIRST Regional Symposium Europe (Málaga, JAN 28-31 2020)

Guided Visit · Meeting point

We will contact all registered participants by email to indicate the starting point for each group on the guided tour.

Networking dinner · Meeting point

La Terraza de la Aduana Restaurant

Museo de Málaga, Plaza de la Aduana, s/n
29015 Málaga


Sorry, but we’ve closed the registration form for this social event.

2020 FIRST Regional Symposium Europe (Málaga, JAN 28-31 2020)