The Untold on Digital Transformation

March 04, 2020

Our answer to the question "what is digital transformation" begins with a semantic analysis applied to this new reality. "Transformation", always understood as a process of change, a path to be followed without losing sight of its origin and destination. "Digital" is the context of change, the use of technology to make that transformation effective.

The Untold on Digital Transformation
The Untold on Digital Transformation

It is no longer enough to incorporate technology into processes

Since the 1990s, many organizations have already implemented technology deployment projects in their processes. But today this way of incorporating technology is no longer valid, the demand for services is greater, the demand is greater.

Here is the real transformation, it is no longer useful to incorporate technology into the processes of our own activity, now we must improve those processes, even in some cases change them to be more efficient.

This is not new, both the private and public sectors have been changing their processes to be more efficient, and without thinking about technology, simply for the purpose of improving, and how did they do it? By strictly following these steps.

  1. Internal and external analysis of the organization.
  2. Definition of the objectives to be achieved.
  3. Elaboration of an action plan.
  4. Monitoring of compliance and deviations from the plan.

What has changed now?…
Why don’t we do it the same way?

Because, like any improvement plan, the digital transformation requires:

  • Processes


    Identify areas for improvement in the organization, specifically in processes, and then redesign how to execute the tasks.

  • Adaptation


    During the transformation process, we must never forget that people must obtain the necessary skills to effectively implement the new procedures in execution.

  • Risk


    We must never start the transformation without contemplating the risks involved. If we do not take this into account, it is better not to transform.

Processes, adaptation and risks. Let us delve into the three vertices of TD

The Untold on Digital Transformation

Transform your organization, but always in the best company

Technology and business are intrinsic to any digital transformation action. Leading it from one of the two perspectives implies, in both cases, including “the other party” as a key factor and, always, adding that company or team of TD experts to the equation to guide you in the process.

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