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CSR Policy Socially Responsible

Our social responsibility policy is inspired by the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDS), adapted to our environment and daily activity. At Ingenia, our mission is to establish clear goals and carry out pragmatic actions that allow us to improve the quality of life in our environment. Sustainability is one of our differential values.

CSR Policy
CSR Policy

Proud of our level of commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

The Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS), basic in our daily life:

  • Quality education

    Quality education

    From our digital environment, we promote equal opportunities, guaranteeing inclusive, equitable and quality education (ODS 4).

  • Responsible production and consumption

    Responsible production and consumption

    We apply to our daily activity those habits that help to a more efficient management of our natural resources (ODS 12).

  • Peace, justice and strong institutions

    Peace, justice and strong institutions

    We use new technologies to combat injustice and promote transparency (ODS 14).

  • Alliances to achieve the objectives

    Alliances to achieve the objectives

    We promote alliances that help to face the challenges and problems of today’s society (ODS 17).

Sustainability Report

We are one of the first companies to adhere to the Global Compact. Always committed to the global goals of sustainable development promoted by the United Nations. Each year we publish our Sustainability Report, in which we provide figures and activities carried out in relation to the aforementioned objectives.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018. Ingenia, committed to its environment