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eLearning Catalogue Training Solutions for Digital Transformation

Innovative methodologies, interactive and modular contents are the keys to our Catalogue. Training solutions in 7 areas of specialisation: Business management and innovation, Development of digital talent, Technological competences, Information security, Professional competences, Health and Safety and Regulations for Public Administration.

eLearning Catalogue

Discover the training proposal of our catalogue, both for companies and for public bodies, where you can find a wide range of courses focused on enhancing digital skills and information technology in your organization. Our content will help you reduce technological GAP.

Our courses are organized in thematic areas, although they are totally modular contents, so you will be able to create your own training itineraries.

eLearning Catalogue

An immersive methodology oriented to decision making

We are committed to an innovative methodology that helps achieve the learning objectives. Based on interactive content where the user must evaluate situations, make decisions and rethink the strategy to move forward.

Our eLearning Catalogue differs by:

  • Innovation


    Totally innovative contents in terms of resources, interface, functionalities, etc.

  • Training itineraries

    Training itineraries

    The contents allow us to design training itineraries according to the needs of our clients.

  • Responsive multi-device design

    Responsive multi-device design

    The design is responsive allowing them to be displayed with the highest quality on any mobile device or PC.

  • Gamification


    Courses based on games that allow you to learn by playing, with interactive scenarios simulated from real situations. Search the catalogue for courses with the identifying symbol G“.

  • Expert knowledge

    Expert knowledge

    Elaborated by experts in the respective subjects that guarantee the quality of the knowledge collected in the course.

eLearning Catalogue

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