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Cybersecurity · Globalvia Efficient security management

In this project it has been necessary to efficiently manage security and be alert to the latest trends in vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity · Globalvia
Cybersecurity · Globalvia

eSOC, a fundamental piece

Globalvia, incorporated in 2007, has had an important evolution becoming one of the world leaders in the management of infrastructure concessions with presence in 8 countries and with a total of 29 concessions, including motorways, railways and ports.

The services offered by Ingenia’s eSOC have been those that include those related to the operation and technical management of security, including the execution of all preventive actions, operation and response to incidents, identification of points of improvement in information security, risk analysis and evaluation to offer the best response to possible threats.

Cybersecurity · Globalvia

Control over IT security strategies

This managed security model will allow Globalvia to retain control over IT security strategies while benefiting from lower risks and lower operating costs.

In this way, Ingenia assumes responsibility for the management of technical security, using all the personal and material means necessary for this, and Globalvia defines the security strategies that add value and trust to your business.

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