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eRLS · Duoc UC Duoc UC Libraries for the next level of digitization: Self-loan eRLS

In order to speed up the process and provide better care in its network of libraries, the Chilean Catholic Institution of Higher Education, Duoc UC, launched the new system of book self-loan of Ingenia, eRLS. It thus offers a fast, easy and expeditious service to its entire educational community.

eRLS · Duoc UC

Ingenia Global and Duoc UC allies in the modernization of their library units

Ingenia Global and Duoc UC have expanded the collaborative project for the modernization of the Library Network of this institution of higher education, through the implementation of self-service solutions based on the latest standards of radio frequency identification.

The eRLS product, developed entirely by Ingenia to automate day-to-day tasks in the library, has allowed Duoc Libraries to implement functionalities as innovative and useful as:

  • Security of the collection
  • Copy tracking
  • Wireless inventory
  • Unattended service of the loan circuit, through the self-service terminal
  • Library physical space use income statistics
eRLS · Duoc UC

We want to provide our students with a more lively space, providing personalised advice and devoting more time to information and reference services.

Carmen Gloria López. Academic Vice-Rector.

Autonomy and automation of the loan of copies with eRLS

Duoc UC’s commitment to technologies that add user satisfaction and staff efficiency has culminated in the deployment of eRLS self-loan terminals in 14 DUOC locations.

The user is now able to self-manage their experience within the library, becoming autonomous in tasks such as lending and renewing copies.

This frees library staff from routine tasks, allowing them to attend to other services that require personal advice to users, such as service desks.

The students also have a video tutorial with basic instructions for using the self-loan system.

In this way, we will provide added value for our students' learning. It motivates us to continue being a constant support for their training.

Héctor Reyes. Deputy Director of the Duoc UC Library System.

eRLS · Duoc UC

About Duoc UC and its Network of Libraries

Duoc UC is a Catholic Institution of Higher Education for the training of people in the “technical and professional field, able to act successfully in the world of work and committed to the development of society”.

With more than 50 years of history, this institution counted in 2018 with:

  • 102.817 students in its
  • 16 campuses (13 in Santiago and 3 in the regions) and
  • 9 schools offering
  • 72 professional and technical careers

Duoc Library Network

The Duoc’s vision for its Network of libraries, focused on building libraries based on the user experience, stands out.

It has 19 centers with a single missionto provide access to information in support of the institutional academic model through the implementation of comprehensive learning environments, becoming an agent of change in the development and appropriation of the digital skills required of today’s professional”.

eRLS · Duoc UC

eRLS is the solution for dozens of libraries in Latin America

Ingenia is committed to the Latin American market with its intelligent library product, eRLS, where it is already a leader with more than fifty installations and which has designed and manufactured its entire self-loan terminal in the region, making it more accessible to the needs of customers and partners of the product.

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