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eRLS · UCV We streamline the management of libraries at the Universidad César Vallejo

Ingenia eRLS Library System allows the work of the library staff of the Universidad César Vallejo (Peru) to be more efficient.


A new management model

This project has led to the adoption of the open shelving model, which streamlines book lending and return services, as well as optimizing the inventory process in all environments of the premises.

RFID technology allows the librarian to invest his or her time in attending to the user, as well as controlling in a detailed and effective way the collection of books.


Greater autonomy and dynamism in daily work

Ingenia has trained the employees of the César Vallejo University (Peru) to have greater autonomy and dynamism in their daily work. The continuous accompaniment during the installation has made the process of adaptation to this new working system easier.

This educational institution with 11 locations in Peru has managed to improve the user experience with the implementation of this project, reducing waiting times and expanding staff availability.

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