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eSALUX · OSDE Implementation of the system of coordination and telephone attention of medical services.

We have developed the telephone service platform that covers the management of most of the services offered by OSDE to its 2 million customers.


Development of telephone attention

OSDE, the largest private medical services company in Argentina has renewed its “System of attention and telephone coordination of emergencies and health emergencies” in its 5 coordination centers. For this, Ingenia has had the collaboration of the company Ferosistemas, partner of Ingenia in Argentina and the Public Company of Sanitary Emergencies of Andalusia (EPES).

This platform covers medical care related to the medical visit, emergencies, internment (home internment, among others), urgent and scheduled transfers, laboratory studies and image diagnosis, interconsultation, psychiatric visit, etc.


A great project, a great solution

The expertise of our “Emergencies and Health” team has allowed us to approach this great project from all angles of software development: process engineering for its adaptation to the technological environment, integration with large existing systems in OSDE, custom developments, deployment in coordination centres and, currently, the maintenance and evolution of the final solution.

Thus, during the course of the project, the business processes involved in the solution have been taken over, as well as the adaptation of the system for its integration into OSDE’s complex technological ecosystem, the integration with SAP and Avaya Aura’s business telephony solution.

In 2017, the solution began to be deployed in the 5 coordination centres that OSDE has throughout the country’s geography, adapting it to the singularities of each one of them. The training was carried out jointly with OSDE and the Public Company of Sanitary Emergencies (EPES) in the use of the new tool.

Throughout 2018, its deployment was completed in all health centres, replacing the old system once and for all.

In 2019, the platform is going through a phase of evolution, concretized with the design and implementation of technical and functional innovations required by OSDE.

About OSDE

OSDE (Organización de Servicios Directos Empresarios) is the first network of medical assistance services in Argentina. It has more than 2 million customers.

It was founded in 1991 and today it is consolidated as the main healthcare group in the country, with three new companies: OSDE, Binaria Seguros de Vida S.A., Binaria Seguros de Retiro S.A., URG Urgencias e Interturis S.A. In addition, it makes concrete its social commitment through the OSDE Foundation.

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