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Software development · GIAHSA GIAHSApp is the mobile solution for customers of the water company

Ingenia develops for GIAHSA, public management company of the Mancomunidad de Aguas Costa de Huelva, GIAHSApp. A mobile application aimed at its subscribers for the integral management of their water supply service. Policies, invoices, warnings and consumptions give the user online control of the contracted service.

Software development · GIAHSA

App that streamlines the interaction between GIAHSA and its customers

Starting from the requirements and online services that Giahsa wanted to provide to its customers through GIAHSApp, Ingenia opted for a design totally oriented to the needs of the end user, providing them with a functional app and the best User Experience (UX).

Among its functionalities stand out:

  • Consultation of the state of the policies
  • Control of water consumption
  • Option to provide meter reading
  • Consultation of invoices and, even, payment of arrears online

The application has a communication system and alerts on Giahsa interventions that may affect the user. For example, repair of breakdowns in public roads.

GIAHSApp offers customers the possibility of resolving all their formalities from their mobile phones, including the possibility of making a prior appointment online for personalised attention at Giahsa’s offices, avoiding waiting times.

Available for iOS and Android, customers can download GIAHSApp for free.

GIAHSApp is an important step forward in the attention to our users

Manuel Domínguez Limón. Executive Director of GIAHSA.

An app, first and foremost, functional

  • Contract


    The user is provided with detailed information about his contract (owner, contract status, place of supply, use of supply…) and highly functional options such as a system of warnings associated with the contract.

  • Consumption


    The user will be able to enter the consumption reading of his water meter. This reading will be validated by Giahsa, as long as it is indicated correctly:  Place of supply, information on the installed meter and the last reading invoiced.

  • Invoice


    List of all available invoices, for each contract that the client has with Giahsa. Providing basic information for each of them (invoice number, invoiced period, amount …) as well as high value functionalities: evolution of consumption or amounts pending invoicing. Online payment of outstanding invoices.

  • Maintenance works in my area

    Maintenance works in my area

    It informs the user about the actions that are being carried out in the public thoroughfare for the maintenance and/or resolution of incidents. This information is shown georeferenced and shown on a map, but also in a list of open actions. Users can share them through: social networks, email or Whatsapp.

  • Customer area

    Customer area

    Module for the registration, access and management of the user account. From this area, the client manages the basic data of his registration, profile and access permissions in the app.

  • Attention and appointment

    Attention and appointment

    It allows the user to locate the office closest to their home and request an appointment for personalized attention.

  • Social media

    Social media

    The app has a space for viewing the latest Giahsa publications on its official social channels on Twitter and Facebook.

Software development · GIAHSA
Software development · GIAHSA

About Giahsa

Giahsa is the public company of the Mancomunidad de Servicios de la Provincia de Huelva, which manages the services of the integral water cycle and the collection of solid urban waste to a total of 67 municipalities in Huelva. Created in 1989, it provides service to some 270,000 users in the province of Huelva, the equivalent of 150,000 households.

The objectives of Giahsa are the management of the public services entrusted by the Commonwealth and the technical management of them with effectiveness and efficiency in the administration of the resources committed.

The combination of quality in service at the lowest possible cost is the fundamental basis of its action, as a method to achieve a reasonable and comparable tariff system for the level of services demanded by the Mancomunidad de Servicios de la Provincia de Huelva.

Software development · GIAHSA
Software development · GIAHSA

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