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Software development · Municipality of Peñalolén An innovative app for Inclusive Recycling

We have developed and implemented an innovative app that simultaneously revolutionizes the fight for environmental protection and the promotion of employment.

Software development · Municipality of Peñalolén
Software development · Municipality of Peñalolén

A digital tool that connects all the agents involved

This app is part of the “Inclusive Recycling of Peñalolén” program, which involves neighbors, businesses, municipal public institutions and recyclers. Its objective is to optimize the processes of monitoring, evaluation and communication with all the actors that participate in the program.

Developed with React Native technology, this platform allows to organize and control the withdrawal of recyclable products. This is done through recyclers assigned to each household and by neighbors previously registered to participate in the collection program.

This mobile application brings the best experience to the user-collector, providing comfort and transparency to the process.

Software development · Municipality of Peñalolén

A wide and intuitive functional range

  • Easy registration system.
  • Geolocation of routes and nearest clean points. Information of schedules associated to the routes. System for adhesion to a route.
  • Request for withdrawal of electronic material.
  • Evaluation of the service provided by recyclers.
  • Contact with the citizen service of the Environment Programme.

We are proud to be the first commune in the country to offer the community an intuitive, easy and useful tool to promote awareness among neighbors about the importance of generating a paid activity for a recycler and at the same time generate a contribution to the environment.

Carolina Leitao. Mayor of Peñalolén (Santiago de Chile).

The Peñalolén Inclusive Recycling Program

This app is part of the Inclusive Recycling Program of this commune. A social entrepreneurship program that has as its objectives:

  • Establish an online channel that improves communication.
  • Optimisation of the entire material recycling process.
  • Promotion of the recycling culture among neighbors, encouraging their contribution of recyclable and reusable materials.
  • Improving the employment conditions of recyclers, optimising their work and increasing their income.
Software development · Municipality of Peñalolén

Having this support has been spectacular for the recyclers of Peñalolén, who with the certification, the established routes and this type of applications have become luxury recyclers.

Blanca Rebaza. Recycler of base of the commune.

The future of the Recycling Center

The commune of Peñalolén intends, with the new application and the future Recycling Center, to triple its material processing capacity (from 500 to more than 1,500 tons per year), increase the number of certified recyclers (from 30 to 100 people with more stable jobs), and increase the coverage of families enrolled in the program, allowing from 6,000 to 15,000 families.

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