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Meet Ingenia

Ingenia is a multinational group in the Information Technology sector, specialising in Cybersecurity, Managed Services and Infrastructures, Software Development, Digital Transformation and eLearning.

Together we can achieve the most ambitious challenges. We have doing this since 1992 with more than 2,000 companies and public bodies in 17 countries, applying innovation as a differential value in the development of their businesses.

  • Technology


    We make sure our customers get the most out of technology. We anticipate the future with innovative solutions in the present.

  • Innovation


    Innovating by demonstrating maximum efficiency and functionality is our  goal. We work with our clients to create the digital systems of the future.

  • Talent


    We invest in professionals with talent and capacity of innovation, prepared to implement solutions and services of value for our clients.

  • Leadership


    Project by project, we show our clients why we are a technological reference. We share the objective of leading our markets.

Meet Ingenia

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