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Ingenia, CommBox partner

June 23, 2020

To meet the technological challenge, in an increasingly competitive market, we are committed to optimizing digital processes and tools to improve the customer experience for organizations. For this reason, we have partnered with one of the leading brands in IA-based omnicentric management: CommBox.

Ingenia partner CommBox

Ingenia has become the only CommBox partner in Spain that, since 2013, has been offering the most innovative solutions for intelligent customer service with an all-round vision.

Its technology allows us to deploy omnicanal strategies for integration in contact centers or communication/user service departments, offering the best customer experience.

Conversational assistants, integration with WhatsApp, Telegram, Google, Mail, Chat, Video chat, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube…as well as, legal signature of documents with security mechanisms and RGPD compliance.

A solution for the integral management of communication channels based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology; offering 24/7 availability, instant attention, automating basic functions through bots and reserving the most complex interactions for your staff.

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