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eCALLER Ambulances Ambulance fleet control system

eCALLER Ambulances

eCALLER Ambulances is Ingenia's ambulance fleet control system. A comprehensive solution for private organizations and companies that provide emergency services, emergencies and transfers of critical patients.

eCALLER Ambulances
eCALLER Ambulances

A product to improve the service of assistance to citizens

The main function of eCALLER Ambulances is that it provides reliable and real-time information on the services, status and position of emergency vehicles. This factor is the key to its success, since it allows optimizing management, reducing costs and improving efficiency in the service to citizens.

Integrated with the call handling platform of the coordinating centre, it shows the operator managing the call a map identifying the location of the event, as well as the nearest available ambulances.

The incorporation of this system means a decrease in the volume of voice calls to be managed by the coordinating centres, as it automates the reception of calls and the response data of the units.

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