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eCALLER Emergencies Emergency Coordination System

eCALLER Emergencies

A product to improve the service of assistance to citizens

eCALLER Emergencias is Ingenia’s software platform for the integral management of emergency coordination centers.

A tool that supports the complete cycle of attention to requests for assistance: from the management of calls to emergency telephones (112, 911, 132, 061…) to the classification of the request, in order to determine levels of severity and allocate adequate resources.

eCALLER Emergencies
eCALLER Emergencies

eCALLER Emergencias stands out for its flexibility and capacity to adapt to the specific needs of each organization.

This is a product with technical and functional characteristics aimed at providing a high quality service to the citizen, allowing to streamline and optimize the response / action to a request for help.

Attention to emergencies in Andalusia (061)

Attention to emergencies in El Salvador (SEM 132)