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eRIS Inventory management with RFID technology


RFID Inventory System

eRIS is our solution for automating asset inventory management. Based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, it streamlines processes and improves barcode performance. Implanted according to the needs of your organization and your sector.

The inventory process is a laborious task for organizations that consumes a great investment of time and effort. With eRIS this work is done automatically, increasing x100 the resolution speed of the process.

eRIS is articulated in a series of components based on RFID technologies. It is a solution based on the latest UHF RFID standards (ISO 18.000 6C, EPC Gen 2).


Inventories bet on RFID

RFID technology provides you with item identification:

  • At a distance
  • Multiple ways
  • No direct line of sight

The incorporation of RFID technology means overcoming all the disadvantages that barcodes have had until now: for example, the line of sight requirement between scanner and label does not allow data encryption security levels, it does not allow more information to be stored on each item, among others.