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eRLS The smart library based on RFID


eRLS is our intelligent library solution based on RFID technology. Streamlines the work of professionals by automating lending processes, collection control, shelf management, lost location, inventory and ordering. Its new autoloan app allows users to manage their own requests.


RFID Library System

eRLS provides libraries with RFID technology (radio frequency identification) to speed up the work of its professionals by automating routine tasks such as lending, collection control, shelf management, location of lost, inventory and sorting.

eRLS will allow you to implement in your organization the 2.0 library model, reaching the highest level in:

  • The quality of your services.
  • Effectiveness to daily processes.
  • The satisfaction of your users.

eRLS improves library staff productivity by allowing you to spend more time on user support. It also provides a collection control system and dissuasive devices of contrasted effectiveness that also integrate perfectly with the aesthetics of the building. Thanks to its self-service stations, it is the users themselves who manage their loans self-sufficiently.

Automates the sorting, inventory and location of lost documents

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