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eWAS Digital marketing solution to get to know your customers better


Make the most of your WiFi service

eWAS allows you to get the most out of your WiFi public Internet access service. An effective solution that optimizes user management as well as supporting specific functionalities for digital marketing. Valid for municipal networks within the framework of the European project Wifi4EU.

Being compatible with any manufacturer’s WiFi technology, eWAS integrates with any access point, allowing you to obtain valuable information about your customers, facilitating their analysis and making your communication with them more effective.

Compatible with any manufacturer's WiFi technology. Valid for municipal networks within the framework of Wifi4EU.


Thinking about your organization and your customers

eWAS has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to centralize and simplify the creation and management of user accounts, without the need for technical knowledge.

User registration is speeded up thanks to the self-registration option, which eWAS shows when making the first attempt at surfing the Internet.

eWas offers you the following functionalities...

  • Direct Marketing

    Direct Marketing

    • Compilation of real data of your clients.
    • Personalization of the self-registration page and welcome portal, according to the communication strategy of your organization.
    • Custom design of indicators for data collection processes in user studies.
  • WiFi Analitycs

    WiFi Analitycs

    • Ability to analyze data taken in real time or historical.
    • Dashboard that brings together graphs, indicator tables and heat maps.
    • Contribution of valuable data in customer-oriented marketing strategies.
  • Direct communication with your customers

    Direct communication with your customers

    • Establishment of a direct communication channel with your customers via mobile phone, providing information adapted to your needs and preferences.
  • Dynamization of social networks

    Dynamization of social networks

    • Optimize your presence and interaction with your clients in social networks.
    • Provide personalized attention and get recommendations of your products.

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