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Managed Security Building the Foundation for Business Trust

We offer a complete portfolio of specific services for the management and operation of your organization's IT infrastructures, helping to minimize risks and control operating costs.

Managed Security
Managed Security

Some environmental factors have forced organizations to face the challenges that are presented at the technological level and that the IT department must face. Managed security services are becoming increasingly essential for business continuity.

Faced with new types of cyber attacks and the complexity of retaining the brand and protecting ourselves competitively and ensuring customer satisfaction, our managed security solution is based on monitoring security devices, managing incidents, offering you hardening templates, vulnerability alerts, digital surveillance, technical security audits and penetration tests.

Associated services

  • Red Team. Vulnerability Testing

    Our Red Team tests the effectiveness of our customers’ security systems. Our experts perform simulations with behaviors and techniques similar to those of the attackers in the most realistic way possible in order to identify weaknesses and evaluate the effectiveness of the defenses.

    Our services of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Test try to find, using different techniques and tools, possible vulnerabilities in infrastructures and information systems analyzing the consequences of their malicious exploitation, with the final purpose to be able to adopt the appropriate measures before a security incident happens.

  • Blue Team. Detection and response of computer attacks

    Ingenia’s Blue Team defends against both real and red attackers. This group of experts has a mentality of constant vigilance against possible attacks.

    Security Operations Center (eSOC | CSIRT) Security Event Management (SIEM) Security Infraestructure as a Service (SIaaS)

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