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Security Event Management (SIEM) We detect security trends and patterns

Data relevant to a company's security is produced in multiple locations and we are able to view all data from a single point of view to detect common models.

Security Event Management (SIEM)
Security Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides us with a holistic approach to managing the security of our IT infrastructure.

For the management of security events, we rely on different tools that detect anomalies, reveal advanced threats and eliminate false positives. Consolidate log events and network flow data from thousands of endpoints, applications, and devices distributed across the network. In addition to normalizing and correlating this data and identifying attacks, various lists of potentially malicious IP addresses are used, including malware hosts, spam sources, and other threats.

A crucial role for corporate security

In these years, cybercrime and cyberattacks are increasing exponentially. This is why system and network monitoring plays a crucial role in helping companies protect themselves, and this is where SIEMs are taking a decisive role in increasing the degree of corporate security.

How do we protect you?

  • Availability Information

    Availability Information

    Networking and perimeter security: Router firewall, IDS, IPS, WAF…

  • Event and flow information

    Event and flow information

    Systems Infrastructure. Storage, Servers, Virtualization…

  • Vulnerability Information

    Vulnerability Information

    Operating System and Base Software: Windows, Unix, Apache…

  • Correlation rules

    Correlation rules

    Commercial applications: CRM, ERP, BI…

  • Background information

    Background information

    Proprietary applications and data: custom applications, data and communications…

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