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Security Operations Centre (eSOC) The proactive approach to security

Sometimes, even if we adopt protection methods in our organization, they may not detect all cyber attacks. This is why organisations must adopt more restrictive and protective measures.

Security Operations Centre (eSOC)
Security Operations Centre (eSOC)

Adequate implementation of an organization’s security policies requires monitoring, management and operation of security to respond as quickly as possible and at any time to a security attack.

Our Security Operations Centre (eSOC) is in charge of all activities aimed at guaranteeing the security of our clients’ infrastructures and services. To do this, the security experts who make up the eSOC have the most up-to-date information on security vulnerabilities and the latest trends in cyber attacks.

How eSOC works

  • 1. Prevention

    1. Prevention

    • Early warning of vulnerabilities
    • Digital Reputation Surveillance
    • Vulnerability analysis and ethical hacking
    • Malicious code analysis
  • 2. Operation

    2. Operation

    • Event monitoring and correlation
    • Maintenance of perimeter security elements
    • Bastioning services
  • 3. Performance

    3. Performance

    • Security incident management and response
    • Forensic Analysis
  • 4. Improvement

    4. Improvement

    • Technical security consultancy
    • Implementation of action plans
  • 5. Training/Dissemination

    5. Training/Dissemination

    • Face-to-face training
    • Online training
    • Informative talks on computer security

We take care of all activities aimed at ensuring the security of infrastructures and services

The services offered in 24×7 mode include those related to the operation and technical management of security, including the execution of all preventive actions, operation and configuration of devices, incident response, identification of points of improvement in information security, risk analysis and evaluation to provide the best response to possible threats. Likewise, our eSOC is distributed among the headquarters in Malaga, Seville and Santiago de Chile.

eSOC is a member of the world’s premier organization and a leader in security incident response FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams). It is an international confederation of what is known as CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Team), i.e., trusted teams that respond and handle security incidents cooperatively, and promote prevention programs.

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