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Security technology. Protection We put our technological know-how at the service of your organization

In a continuously evolving environment such as security, it is impossible to keep abreast of all new developments. For this reason, Ingenia wants to be your trusted technological partner.

Security technology. Protection
Security technology. Protection

Ingenia’s values, beliefs and motivation have created a team that is passionate about technological innovation and a leader in advising and deploying infrastructures. We live in times of continuous technological change, where security actions are necessary.

Our team and our experience of more than 25 years allows us to design the best preventive security measures for our customers, both in traditional IT environment and industrial environment, in addition to advising them on new technologies that appear. We also prepare customer-specific proofs of concept in our DemoLab and assist our customers in the secure development of applications through a security-code analysis service.

We empower organizations with our security technology services so they don’t have to worry about adapting to security changes. We offer you the best technology and solutions to create new experiences, safer and more confident.

Associated services

  • Deployment of infrastructures

    One of the main defenses against external interference in the organization is the adoption of security measures to protect users and data, wherever they are (user computers, data center, public/private cloud).

    We help organisations with turnkey projects by taking charge of the complete cycle, from the initial detection of needs, through the selection of technologies and manufacturers, installation, commissioning and optimisation of equipment, to the training, operation and maintenance of the systems deployed.

  • Industrial Cybersecurity

    The emergence of the Industry 4.0 paradigm and the possibilities offered by connectivity and standardisation are modifying the environment, with operating systems that are more flexible and efficient, but at the same time, more exposed to threats, which require the application of techniques and procedures common in IT environments, but which must be personalised taking into account the differences between the two types of environments.

    This service consists of the establishment of a complete system of policies and procedures that allow the organization to define its cybersecurity strategy, implement it, establish indicators that allow the measurement of results and correct the measures taken, in the style of the classic Deming cycle, following patterns similar to those of the ISO 27001 standard. On the other hand, we can assist in the design and deployment of security infrastructures suitable for the industrial environment and monitor and manage the security of all systems with a specialised service from our eSOC, either jointly or separately with the IT environment.

    We are oriented to our clients and we adapt to their needs. We have extensive experience in implementing safety management systems and are independent of manufacturers.

  • Technological advice

    To stay competitive fast in a security environment dominated by continuous change, IT departments must know and act quickly. Ingenia within managed security projects, accompanies you to face new types of threats, new technological platforms that allow you to improve existing security, etc.

    We have a direct relationship with leading manufacturers in the cybersecurity sector and we also analyze new products and innovative solutions that appear on the market, usually under the umbrella of new, highly specialized start-ups.

    We adapt to the needs of our customers and test them in our DemoLab. A test environment that has an infinite number of security solutions from leading manufacturers deployed, as well as being able to be used for any new platform you want to see.

  • Code Analysis Service

    In the construction of new applications it is essential to bear in mind the security requirements from the very moment the functionality is defined, as this is the best way to mitigate risks and avoid compromising the application and data, prevailing the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability, necessary to consider that the applications are secure.

    We have extensive experience in code testing. The services offered cover the entire life cycle of an application development and coexist with agile development methodologies and DevOps environments and continuous integration.

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