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Digital Transformation Innovative and efficient solutions to put you at the forefront

At Ingenia we defend the pragmatic approach to Digital Transformation. The adoption of decisive strategies that materialize with the deployment of solutions and the implementation of actions aimed at making effective the digitization of organizations.

Digital Transformation

We will accompany you in your digital adventure

You can count on us from the start. We will help you define your digital business model, starting from an initial evaluation and designing the Digital Transformation Master Plan of your organization.

We analyze business processes, identify those that can be automated, deploy technological tools and implement new methodologies to make operations more efficient.

In this context of continuous innovation and transformation, we are in constant control of Cybersecurity and business continuity.

People, the core of Digital Transformation

In an increasingly digital market, organisations are faced with a client that demands immediacy, greater interaction and personalised treatment.

This is why in our Digital Transformation projects we work with our clients to understand their needs, make their organizations more agile, focusing on people, and help implement analytical tools that facilitate decision making, accelerating the process of generation and deployment of new services and products to market.

We will transform the digital future of your business, through a strategy that will allow you to know your customers better. We will make the most of the user experience (UX) and omnicanal interaction.


Digital Transformation

Digital metamorphosis in 6 phases

  • User Experience · UX

    User Experience · UX

    The end customer, increasingly digital, forces organizations to respond to their expectations by providing an optimal user experience and omnicanal interaction.

  • Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    Disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Big Data, will be our best allies to know your client better, optimize services and provide the best experience.

  • Corporate Innovation

    Corporate Innovation

    In this context of digitalization, customers demand the creation of new products and services, and even new business models. In the face of this obligatory continuous adaptation of the entities to the demands of the clients, the optimization of the productive processes through the investment in technological innovation becomes imperative.

  • Technology for operational efficiency

    Technology for operational efficiency

    Improving the efficiency of operations, optimizing backoffice processes and deploying appropriate technological solutions is one of the great challenges of Digital Transformation in any organization. Technology is evolving rapidly to respond to this factor: IoT, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning are some examples.

  • Agility


    Being digital goes beyond technology, the adoption of agile methods and the promotion of innovation in corporate culture are basic aspects. Defining new models of development and deployment of applications under agile methodologies, lead organizations to opt for DevOps environments and Agile methodology.

  • Cybersecurity


    During the Digital Transformation process, organizations should never lose sight of protecting their business. In order to do this, technological and operational risks must be anticipated and effectively managed, using advanced comprehensive security tools and services.

Associated services

  • Digital Transformation Consulting

    At Ingenia you will find the team of experts who will advise you on the digital transformation of your organization. Inspired by the MIT Digital Transformation model, we identify the needs of people (customers and employees), the demands of the market and of the operation of your organization… we will define a fair plan tailored to your needs.

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  • DevOps & Agile

    We have experts in the implementation of DevOps ecosystems to respond to continuous integration processes, deployment automation, QA and secure software development cycle (S-SDLC).  Associated to this, the Agile model is applied to reach the maximum level in the development of software applications in an agile and safe way.

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  • Modernization and implementation of technological solutions

    We have a multidisciplinary team capable of addressing any challenge posed by the technological modernization of your organization. We are aware of the most innovative solutions, capable of adapting them to your activity and information systems.

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