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DevOps & Agile

Models of efficiency in the face of the digital challenge

The reality of the digital world is challenging businesses, with a constant activity in the integration of applications, to be more agile and efficient in their daily activity. At Ingenia, we help you face this challenge with the deployment of an efficient, agile and secure application development environment based on DevOps and Agile.

DevOps & Agile
DevOps & Agile


In this context, new methods and architectures are needed to strengthen the developments (security is key), but above all to automate the testing and deployment of applications. This continuous integration process is only possible if we really work as a team between development and systems, and this new paradigm is what we call DevOps.

To ensure that projects are executed with DevOps methodology, it is necessary to deploy an ecosystem of tools that organize and orchestrate the entire process of development, testing and putting into production, which requires the services of a team specialized in:

  • Implementation of DevOps standards
  • Process automation
  • Methodological support to developers
  • Architects of software applications
  • Specialists in logical security
  • Exploitation of systems
  • Etc.

Our DevOps team specializes in the management and operation of this new ecosystem.


Agile development models aim to cut a large project into functional modules that are developed, tested and deployed in short periods of time (typically two weeks) compared to the traditional methodology known as “waterfall”, in which the process is sequential and the result of development is not seen until the end, where it becomes much more expensive to address any modification that has to do with functional changes.

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