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eGovernment We bet for the Digital Transformation in the institutions

We believe in the Digital Transformation of institutions, we have been working for years in the modernization and digitalization of the public. We believe in people as the centre of change and we use technology as a catalyst for transformation.


Mission accomplished: we bring institutions closer to citizens

In an increasingly digital environment, the channels of interaction between citizens and the Administration are configured through different technological solutions. The digital transformation of public bodies is a fact, a legal requirement and a requirement agreed upon by all citizens.

At Ingenia, we have a multidisciplinary team that brings together in each project expertise in technologies, development methodology and functional design in the field of Digital Transformation for public bodies.

The work of our experts in this field is outstanding, especially in projects of:

  • Digital Administration Master Plan.
  • Implementation of electronic administration tools.

Digitization in key of 5

  • Technology


    Technology as the enabler of transformation. We propose solid and proven technological solutions, based on free software and oriented to microservices. We are integrators with extensive expertise in the AGE’s catalogue of horizontal e-government solutions.

  • Process


    We define processes as a simplifying method of management, optimized and redesigned, incorporating automation and robotization. It is not a question of computerizing, but of transforming and innovating.

  • People


    People, both internal and external, as necessary and fundamental levers to make change a reality. They are the centre of transformation and where time and effort must be devoted.

  • Compliance


    Adequate to the fulfillment of the Law, especially to the 39 and 40/2015, but also to the ENS, ENI and RGPD. We cover end-to-end regulatory obligations in terms of processing and digital relationship.

  • Security


    In Ingenia we work so that the implementation project becomes a success, guaranteeing logical security, providing confidence to the user.