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Consultancy, Management and Dynamisation Leave your eLearning project in our hands

We accompany you throughout the process of implementing a tailor-made training plan. We listen to you, we understand your needs and we work for you to achieve the objectives of your organization.

Consultancy, Management and Dynamisation

The most efficient management, the most effective dynamization

The consulting and management of elearning projects are a challenge that we face with ease, thanks to our years of experience and the application, with total naturalness, of a series of lessons learned.

The secret of our success is our methodology, based on a proven procedure, which has allowed us to achieve excellence in our performance.

Analysis and Detection

  • You will be able to manage the answers, filter them, print reports, etc. according to the criteria that you consider appropriate.
  • We help you to study and evaluate the results obtained, so that, from these, formative itineraries can be designed and integrated into the Continuous Training Plan.

Training strategies

  • Prior analysis to guide and channel according to the needs of the organization. Definition of action protocols, etc.
  • Consultancy to define the contents and learning objectives of the training actions to be offered.
  • Identify virtual training satisfaction factors in relation to our strict quality standards.
  • Design of an evaluation model with the aim of measuring the learning of the staff of an organisation, within the framework of its Continuous Training Plan.

Communication and awareness-raising

  • Mailings: Design of the creative pieces, management and follow-up of the campaigns.
  • Satisfaction surveys.
  • Promotional and awareness-raising videos.
  • Dissemination environments.
  • We analyse, monitor and evaluate the results obtained (impact and activity reports).

Associated services

  • eLearning advice and consultancy

    We are experts in advising on eLearning projects. We help our clients to shape their needs, defining objectives and grounding ideas in documents that serve as a reference. Giving solution to their problems and materializing their concerns in tangible and measurable deliverables.

  • Technical Office for support and delegated administration of LMS platforms

    We provide assistance services to large populations of students. We put at the service of our clients in their training projects, with our methods of resource optimization, adapting the different corporate messages and strategies and mimicking each particular educational context.

  • Management and delivery of training actions

    We become the training service of large entities and starting from the general objectives to individuals, we adopt, assume and exceed the quality levels stipulated and commitments made, to bring to fruition the training plans.

  • Tutoring and dynamization of training

    We put into practice and value the newest methodologies of tutoring and dynamization, fulfilling and enforcing our expert teams, a series of quality requirements in execution and treatment with the students, either for questions relating to learning or monitoring training.

  • Design and dynamization of MOOCs

    Mention apart for our extensive experience in this field, have the tasks for the management of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) where it puts into practice the paradigm of “peer review” and online monitoring sessions of the dynamizers. Community learning takes shape thanks to the exhaustive control and monitoring mechanisms that we put into practice for massive populations with heterogeneous profiles.

  • Customer Service Center (CAU)

    We provide primary assistance services to users within the branch of incidences related to the most technical aspects of projects.

  • Training for administrators, managers and tele-trainers

    One of the priorities we set ourselves in our projects is to be collaborators of our clients and as the essence of this premise, we encourage or try to encourage the autonomous performance of them, giving them the necessary skills not to be captives of third parties and have the ability to develop their projects, at least from a point of view of planning and control. In order to do so, we carry out these training actions, which are in themselves mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge.

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