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Development of eLearning materials We make content to measure

We have extensive experience in all facets associated with the design and development of eLearning teaching materials: writing or capturing, design and adaptation pegagogic, graphic design and production technology, etc.

Development of eLearning materials
Development of eLearning materials

Do you know our eLearning Materials Factory?

Our factory has an effective eLearning content generation model that adapts perfectly to the training needs of any organization, “without surprises” in the final product. We make materials to measure and with formats as effective as: Conceptual Training Pill, Procedural Training Pill, Attitudinal Training Pill, training software, training test, video SCORM and pdf SCORM.

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Factory Methodology

Our multidisciplinary work team elaborates contents of high pedagogical and visual value, collaborating in each of the 5 phases in which our work methodology is divided, according to the needs of each project/client.

5 phases of our methodology

  • 1. Instructional Design

    1. Instructional Design

    In eLearning and bLearning training, instructional design has an important weight of the technological dimension. In this sense, Ingenia, when providing support or carrying out an instructional design, proposes the selection of the tools and resources most in line with both dimensions.

  • 2. Capturing

    2. Capturing

    We provide support in the tasks of orientation and accompaniment for the compilation of the materials and other formative elements that the experts in the matter must provide, so that they allow the students to reach the learning objectives established in instructional design.

  • 3. Pedagogical adaptation

    3. Pedagogical adaptation

    Based on the material captured in the previous phase or the deliverables provided by the client, Ingenia’s pedagogical team works on the pedagogical adaptation or transformation of the various training objects.

  • 4. Production

    4. Production

    Production is carried out using the most appropriate technologies according to the needs of each project and the client’s technological environment, based on the contents and specifications included in the storyboard.

  • 5. Implementation

    5. Implementation

    All the developed contents are implemented for their final validation in the client’s LMS, thus verifying their complete functionality.

State-of-the-art eLearning technology

We use the latest technologies for the development of eLearning materials, subjecting them to the training process and the defined objectives, enhancing their ease of use and minimizing technical incidents.

We use these technologies natively, without authoring tools, and always deliver the source code of the final product.

We adapt to the requirements of those customers who prefer to develop their eLearning materials with Articulate Storyline or other authoring tools of the market.

We have extensive experience in the SCORM standard, in all its versions, which allows us to develop specific requirements and content compatible with the main LMS of the market, covering the different needs of each project.

Development of eLearning materials

Factory Products

Our eLearning Materials Factory has a wide range of products and pre-engineered models, pedagogically and technically designed to meet the most common training needs.

A product selection that is characterized by meeting our criteria of quality and flexibility.

  • Previous selection of the final design as well as the interactive and multimedia resources to use.
  • Standard and unified production model, optimized, efficient and verified, no surprises.
  • The optimization, allows to adjust the costs and times of development.
  • Developed with the latest technologies and optimized for use on multiple platforms and devices.

In Factory we have a wide variety of eLearning materials.

Associated services

  • General Materials

    We make 3 types: Conceptual. Referred to the what. They focus on theoretical concepts. | Procedural. Oriented on knowing how to do and how to do it. They focus on action: technical and strategic skills. | Attitude. Materials that respond to what for. They focus on affective and rational dispositions: values, norms, criteria and abilities that are translated into behaviors.

  • Training Software

    Acquisition of skills in the use of software applications, through simulation and the methodology Knows, Understands and Applies.

    More about Training Software

  • Training Test

    They are interactive tests of multiple typologies for training and/or certification.

  • Quiz

    Interactive questioning games, focused on casual learning, as reinforcement, or to perform assessments in a more dynamic and entertaining way.

    More about Quiz

  • SCORM. Video&PDF

    eLearning materials that combine all the accessibility of PDF formats or the power of the video format with: SCORM viewing control, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Audiovisual and interactive material

    We generate audiovisual and interactive didactic materials tailored to the needs of your organization: video motions (motions graphics, visual thinking,…), interactive videos, Gamification, evaluation/self-evaluation solutions and communication/diffusion pieces.

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