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Training Software Intensive training of digital tools

Under this name, we present a specific product for the acquisition of skills in the use of digital tools and software. It is designed applying simulation elements and the "Know, Understand and Apply" methodology.

Training Software

The simulation mechanisms developed by Ingenia make it possible to reproduce most of the usual user-software interactions, although their operation is limited to that of the specific process being simulated and the set of data used.

During the simulation, the student is provided with progress information, as well as access to the statement and data to be used in the simulation.

As for the level of assistance provided to the student during the simulation, it is possible:

  • Previous assistance in each step
  • Assistance after “n” errors in each step
  • No assistance

Each simulation allows the student to be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the process
  • Number of errors made
  • Time spent
Training Software