We guarantee the success of our implementations with measurable results

Our DemoLab is a space for testing innovation and technological applications that ensures the success of the applications and tests that we do in our customers.


We have in our facilities in the Technological Park of Malaga a laboratory of demonstrations of the last innovations in technological solutions that our main partners offer to the market.

Ingenia DemoLAB offers presentations, seminars and training on specific technologies and solutions aimed at improving the deployment, operation and administration of any organization’s information systems.

In the DemoLAB we can integrate part of the information systems of our clients in order to carry out tests on a technological solution that they wish to test with the objective of testing the behavior of their applications and systems. In this way the customer will know a priori what to expect from the future solution and how it will be integrated into their systems.

Use the Ingenia DemoLAB as a test bed for the solutions you plan to deploy.


Permanent infrastructure

There is currently a dedicated virtualization infrastructure where the implementation of advanced technological solutions is being carried out, all secured with new generation firewalls (NGFW).

Every day we work on the deployment of other technological solutions of interest, such as hyperconvergence, both hardware and software, application firewalls, unified security management systems, new communications systems for SmartCities and a long etcetera.

We invite you to visit us. All solutions and specific hardware will be at your fingertips for evaluation.


DemoLAB Solutions

  • Kubernetes. Integrated solution for container management

    Ingenia DemoLAB presents the Kubernetes solution, an integral platform for the orchestration of containers used as development tools, microservices and portability between public and private clouds.

    Download file (PDF - Spanish)