Managed Services

We continuously innovate so that a correct IT management protects the value chain

We select, implement and optimize the best technology and solutions for your business to improve your business resilience.

Managed Services
Managed Services

We use our added value, our experience and knowledge to differentiate you and create value in your organization. Our job is to support you through the best tools and working methods.

If you outsource the services of the IT department that are not part of the core of your business you will be able to devote yourself to the management of your organization without concerns. The outsourcing of administration, monitoring and IT support services is a way to streamline the tasks of the IT department and reduces costs without penalizing the quality of services to the end user. We combine the best equipment and the latest technology to offer you the best service.

We offer you a high quality of our services based on:

  • Specialized personnel

    Specialized personnel

    We have the best experts in all fields of IT, who also have certification in the main technologies.

  • Efficient solutions

    Efficient solutions

    Based on extensive experience in the administration and management of critical services.

  • Suite of tools

    Suite of tools

    Adapted and customized by Ingenia, these tools centralize monitoring, incident management and asset management.

  • Certified methodologies

    Certified methodologies

    Work procedures based on standard methodologies and standards that have the main certifications, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001, as a guarantee of quality.

Associated services

  • Preventive maintenance

    We execute the necessary tasks to ensure the correct operation of the systems and communications in order to detect and prevent problems or needs.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    We accompany you continuously checking the state of the infrastructure and services to ensure its proper functioning. With this, we collect performance information from relevant parameters useful for capacity management.

  • Continuity and backup

    We help our customers and their IT departments by administering and managing continuity and backup policies, including periodic restoration tests.

  • Development Support

    Our team of experts accompanies you in managing development environments, going to production of new versions and running performance tests.

  • Incidents, problems and requests management

    We look for the cause and the solution to the difficulties that can arise in the IT department of your organization managing the complete cycle from the attention and support to the escalation to the different levels and/or external suppliers. In addition, we monitor and control service level agreements (SLAs).

  • Change management

    We offer support for the management and execution of changes and new implementations in infrastructure and services.

  • Base Software Administration

    We configure and administer the base software, including the management and installation of patches and software updates.

  • Cloud Services Management

    We offer administration and management services for the different Cloud environments.

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